Solid Fuels Upgrading

Thermosolv operates several facilities for coal upgrading. Working with our clients, Thermosolv developed coal drying technology based on a fluidized bed reactor utilized for moisture reduction of low-rank coal to upgrade them into a higher heating value stable product. The facilities are highly instrumented to maintain and monitor process conditions continuously. There is a pilot-scale facility capable of processing 5 ton/day of coal, and a demonstration-scale facility capable of processing 40 ton/day. For a smaller scale project, bench-scale rotary kilns are available as well.

With proven capability, the facilities at Thermosolv can be utilized to further research upgrading low-rank high-moisture coals. The technology has been demonstrated to produce a stable product from Powder River Basin (PRB), Alaskan, Montana lignite, and Indonesian coals. Benefits of coal upgrading include reduced carbon dioxide emission through improved combustion and conversion efficiencies of the product; mercury and other hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) emissions are reduced as these elements are removed during the coal upgrading process.

Technical Specifications

  • Upgrading capacity

  • Solid fuel specifications

  • Feed gas configurations

  • Operational temperature

: 5 tons/day or 40 tons/day

: low-rank coal or biomass

: air

: 550–650 °F

Biomass Torrefaction


The facilities available for coal upgrading are also suitable for biomass torrefaction. Thermosolv staffs apply the coal processing knowledge to the torrefaction process of woody biomass. This process can produce solid fuel which can be easily and reliably stored, transported and used in existing and future energy production processes.

The combination of Thermosolv facilities and staff knowledge successfully produced a uniform format fuel from lignocellulosic biomass such as woody biomass, agricultural waste, and energy crops. The torrefied biomass has heating value approaching 9,500 BTU/lb, with comparable grindability and handling to that of coal. This fuel is suitable for co-firing or even replacing coal in various energy production processes.

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