Services and Technologies

Thermosolv LLC is an energy technology company specializing in developing and scaling-up novel processes and reactors. We have a record of accomplishments that include design, construction and demonstration of new technologies at PDU, pilot- and demonstration-scale. Some examples of our plants include:

Thermosolv’s combustion test facility (CTF) is a 250,000 BTU/hr (73 kW) balanced-draft system designed to replicate a pulverized coal-fired utility boiler. CTF is highly configurable and well-instrumented with a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) in place.

The combustion test facility (CTF) mimics a utility PC-fired boiler. CTF is a highly configurable and well instrumented 250,000 BTU/hr (73 kW) balanced draft system suitable for various combustion-related testing on solid fuels, such as coal, biomass, or blends thereof. Since its construction and commissioning in 1999, the facility has been extensively used for fuels and multi-pollutant emissions control technology evaluations.

Thermosolv’s low-cost oxygen (LCO) process is a novel oxygen production technology based on sorbent sorption/desorption. This innovation in air separation will significantly reduce the cost of oxygen in moderately-sized applications.

To facilitate carbon dioxide emissions reduction, Thermosolv staff has been engaged in developing sorbent-based air separation technology to reduce the cost of oxygen for energy technologies. Based on years of development with USDOE support, Thermosolv is constructing a 1 ton/day oxygen pilot scale facility at its Laramie campus. Successful development of our air-separation process will significantly reduce the cost of oxygen in moderately-sized applications.

Thermosolv is active in catalyst and reactor development for fuels and chemicals synthesis. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in catalyst development and fuel and chemical synthesis Facilities are available from small bench-scale up to barrel-per-day-sized pilot plants. The facilities have been used to test various catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch liquids, mixed alcohols, dimethyl ether, methanol, gasoline, and olefins.

In collaboration with our clients, Thermosolv have developed a coal drying technology to upgrade low-rank coals with their inherent high-moisture content into a higher heating value stable product. This fluidized-bed based technology has been demonstrated to produce a stable product from PRB, Montana lignite, Alaskan, and Indonesian coal. Bench-scale rotary kilns, in addition to fluidized-bed PDU and demonstration plants, are available for coal upgrading research on your specific feed stock. Benefits of coal upgrading include reduced carbon dioxide emissions and reduced mercury and other HAPs emissions.

Facilities available for coal upgrading are also suitable for biomass torrefaction. Thermosolv staff is applying our coal processing knowledge to torrefaction of woody biomass to produce fuel which can be easily and reliably stored, transported, and universally usable in existing and future energy production processes. A uniform format fuel is produced from lignocellulosic biomass such as woody biomass, agricultural waste, energy crops, and alike with heating value approaching 9,500 BTU/lb; suitable for replacing or co-firing with coal.

To provide synthesis gas representative of various feed stocks of energy interest, Thermosolv operates a fluidized-bed gasifier capable of processing coal, biomass, or blends thereof. The gasifier can be operated in air-blown or oxygen/steam-blown modes. With its flexible configuration and unique sampling capability, the unit is suitable for gasification testing of novel fuels, hot gas cleanup, warm gas cleanup, and materials and components performance in real synthesis gas.