Thermosolv LLC

Thermosolv LLC is a technology company specializing in developing and scaling up novel energy technologies.


Thermosolv is actively working on design, construction, and demonstration of pilot plants for combustion test facility; low-cost oxygen production process; catalytic synthesis of fuels and chemicals; gasification; and solid fuels upgrading.

Thermosolv shares facilities and equipment at Advanced Technology Center (ATC). The ATC comprises a secure fenced-area of 22 acres and contains 14 buildings of pilot plant facilities; well-equipped chemical laboratories; mechanical, welding, and electrical shops; fuel preparation shops; and offices.

At Thermosolv, we have expertise in scaling up novel and highly custom chemical processes and reactors.


The company has a record of accomplishment that includes design, construction, and demonstration of pilot-scale and demonstration-scale plants implementing the new technologies.


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