Thermosolv operates a fluidized bed system specifically designed for the gasification of low-rank coal and biomass. This flexible facility is capable of utilizing pure oxygen or air as the oxidant, and can be run with or without steam addition. Equipped with full instrumentation, process conditions can be monitored continuously. Synthesis gas sampling and testing equipment are also available on site.


With its flexible configuration and sampling capability, the gasifier is suitable for gasification testing purposes including synthesis, hot synthesis gas cleanup, water-gas shift research, membrane testing, and alternate fuel testing. A full suite of analytical methods are available depending on testing needs.

Thermosolv’s fluidized bed gasifier is a 250,000 BTU/hr (73 kW) bubbling fluidizing bed system with high flexibility. The gasifier is capable of utilizing coal or biomass as its solid fuel; and air, air/steam, air/oxygen/steam, or oxygen/steam as its feed gas.

Technical Specifications

  • Thermal capacity

  • Fuel feed rate

  • Fuel specifications

  • Feed gas configurations

  • Operational temperature

  • Synthesis gas flow rate

  • Synthesis gas pressure

: 250,000 BTU/hr (73 kW)

: 20–24 lb/hr

: coal or biomass

: air, air/steam, air/oxygen/steam, or oxygen/steam

: 1,250–1,800 °F

: 20–50 SCFM (depending on gasification atmosphere)

: 0–200 psig

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