DOE Awards for Thermosolv R&D Projects

DOE recently selected two of Thermosolv's R&D projects to advance low cost oxygen production to enable oxygen fired coal power plants as a pre-combustion carbon capture solution.

Brief summaries of the projects awarded by the Department of Energy are:

  • Radically Engineered Modular Air Separation System Using Tailored Oxygen SorbentsNorth Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC) teamed with Thermosolv, LLC (Laramie, WY) will develop and demonstrate a radically engineered modular air separation unit (REM-ASU) for small-scale coal gasifiers. Compared to state-of-the-art separation technologies, the REM-ASU will have reduced capital costs and energy consumption. A successful project may result in (1) advanced oxygen sorbents with greater than 2 weight percent oxygen capacity and high activity; (2) robust, steam-resistant oxygen sorbents with high-equilibrium oxygen partial pressure to allow effective oxygen generation without a vacuum desorption step; (3) a tailored oxygen sorbent and modular ASU that can be readily integrated with 1–5 MW modular coal gasification system that reduces energy consumption by more than 30 percent compared to state-of-the-art ASUs; and (4) demonstration of the sorbent and REM-ASU system to validate its robustness and performance.
    DOE Funding: $2,051,495

  • Advanced Sorbents for Modular Oxygen Production for REMS GasifiersThermosolv, LLC (Laramie, WY) will develop advanced oxygen sorbents that fully utilize the high-oxygen storage capacity of perovskites (calcium titanium oxide minerals) and scale up their manufacture to 80–250 kg per batch. Developing composite sorbent pellets to efficiently and fully utilize the high adsorption capacity of perovskites could be an advancement in modular air separation technology.
    DOE Funding: $1,571,031

Full statement can be seen here.