Combustion Test Facility

The combustion test facility (CTF) is a 250,000 BTU/hr (73 kW) balanced-draft system designed to replicate a pulverized coal-fired utility boiler. The CTF is highly configurable and well-instrumented with a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) in place.

With its relatively small size and a representative time/temperature profile compared to that of a full scale power plant, the CTF is suitable for testing on solid fuels such as coal or biomass; the system can be easily altered for firing gaseous or liquid fuels as well. Testing can range from combustion evaluation, fuel additive evaluation, sorbent injection evaluation, all the way to oxy-combustion testing.

Technical Specifications

  • Thermal capacity

  • Fuel feed rate

  • Fuel specifications

  • Furnace temperature

  • Flue gas flow rate

: 200,000–250,000 BTU/hr (59–73 kW)

: 20–24 lb/hr

: coal or biomass, pulverized 80% passing 200 mesh

: 2,000–2,200 °F (sub-bituminous Powder River Basin coal)

  1,800–2,000 °F (torrefied biomass)

: 50–60 SCFM

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